Mattel called and fan Daniel Benedict answered with Castle Grayskullman™, brave defender of Eternia® and the final offering in the 30th Anniversary line! The winner of the 2012 Masters of the Universe® Create a Character Contest was chosen from thousands of entries by a panel of eight judges from Mattel’s marketing, entertainment, packaging, and design departments. Daniel’s character wowed them with its original name and a look that used approximately 50% shared parts and fit into the world of MOTU. This brave defender of Eternia® is the living embodiment of Castle Grayskull®, and comes complete with shield and duel swords inspired by the flag and Jawbridge from the vintage playsets. Castle Grayskullman™ Bio Real Name: Not Applicable During the Second Ultimate Battleground, Hordak® and King Hssss’ grand army pressed in against the allied heroes of Eternia®. In the darkest moment of battle, all hope seemed lost as many heroes fell, including Snake Man-At-Arms® and Stratos®. Reaching out through the Orb of Power, hidden deep inside Castle Grayskull®, He-Man® and the new Sorceress® used an unrepeatable spell to call upon the Powers of Grayskull™ and infuse life into the very spirit of the castle itself. Rising from the castle’s hidden Chamber of Defense; Castle Grayskullman™ marched into battle, swinging his dual swords of power, helping to turn the tide.
  • Model:MOTUV-0221
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